As promised the leadership of Volvo in the past year, the company limits the maximum speed of the whole line of cars to 180 km/h with a special built-in function.

The idea of speed limit, first announced by the Swedish company last year, was met with a very mixed. The question of whether the automakers to impose the rules of the road, is controversial. However, Volvo insisted, placing at the forefront of safety.

Built-in speed limiter will be supplemented by a system Care Key, with which the owners will be able to impose additional restrictions. This, in particular, can be useful to parents who give their cars to children who do not have sufficient driving experience.

When the speed is above a certain limit, technologies, vehicle safety and road infrastructure is no longer sufficient to preserve the health and life of persons in the event of a serious accident.

That is why there are speed limits. But the excess remains widespread even in European countries with huge fines, not to mention Russia. Studies show that on average people do not sufficiently understand the danger of this kind of violations.
Source — Volvo