The company Virgin Galactic announced on July 28, a presentation of the internal structure of the device for tourist flights into space, SpaceShipTwo. Due to limitations associated with the pandemic, the show will take place in the virtual space on YouTube. According to company representatives, the interior of the cockpit is the most important element of the entire mission, because it depends on what feelings and experiences will future travelers.

The presentation will be the penultimate stage before the flight SpaceShipTwo into space. For 19 years, Virgin Galactic has passed a thorny road, but the end is near. The camera flies as planned, the test comes to an end, ahead of obtaining a license from the authorities.

First to the bottom of the space rush himself sir Richard Branson, the head of the company. A successful flight will mark the completion of SpaceShipTwo, after which will begin commercial flights. In the queue for more than 600 people purchased tickets and an additional 400 Deposit for the future. Tickets cost $200-250 thousand – this is the fee for option without special training and equipment, as on conventional aircraft, to visit a “real” space. Passengers are guaranteed at least a few minutes in weightlessness, like real astronauts.

When you start flying, not reported, but it is clear that this long-term project. During one flight takes SpaceShipTwo to the edge of space just six people – two crew members and four passengers. On the one hand, this ensures exclusivity and individual approach to the city, but on the other every takeoff is performed using a carrier aircraft, so the number of flights per day will be limited.

Source — Business Insider