Video Video fell through the stage Gazmanov turned out to be fake (fixed)Photo: RIA Novosti

In fact, the incident occurred in July 2018 with the Brazilian DJ

13.03.19 271680

A video of a Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov fell through the stage during a concert in the occupied Donetsk, turned out to be fake.

The editorial of Focus brings readers an apology for providing inaccurate video.

As found theБабель, in fact, the video captures the moment of impact DJ Kevin at a music festival in the city of Cajuru (são Paulo state, Brazil) in July 2018.

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Local media then reported that the musician fell into the utility room and suffered injuries. He was hospitalized and was discharged from the hospital the next day.

As previously mentioned the Focus:

  • Son Oleg Gazmanov Rodion, was awarded the medal for participation in military operations in Syria. He stated that a reward to the proud.
  • Oleg Gazmanov denied entry to Ukraine because of the support of the Kremlin’s policy. Also he contributed to the “black list in Latvia”.