Lieutenant General, USA Ben Hodges believes a military confrontation in the South of Ukraine, especially in Odessa.

He said this in Prague at the conference, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Earlier, the militant Strelkov said that in 2014 in Kharkov and Odessa had to go through the pseudo-referendums “on accession to Russia”,
then there came to the troops.

The General said, Russia wants to expand its capabilities
in the black sea region. The permissiveness of the European countries and the West against
the Kremlin’s aggression in Crimea showed Russia that it will not be heavily punished, and
so you can continue a hybrid war.

Hodges says that after some time, Moscow will be decided on
to fully take control of the Black sea and Odessa.

Also, the General says that the conflict between China and the United States
it is likely in the short term, as the threat from Asian
the country increases.

The General assured, Europe’s most powerful security shield
Germany is, however, the government does not want to invest a lot of
funds in the defence sector and NATO.

In Odessa, the fans of Shakhtar from the Donbass publicly
burned the flag of Russia.

Poroshenko in Odessa made a powerful statement about the defeat of Putin.