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The US state Department reported the seizure of Malta fake Libyan currency worth 1.1 billion dollars printed in the Russian “Goznak” to order “illegitimate parallel organization”

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The US state Department reported the seizure of Malta fake Libyan currency worth 1.1 billion dollars printed in the Russian “Goznak” to order “illegitimate parallel organization.”

In a statement the state Department States that the government of Malta announced the interception of counterfeit money on may 26. However, neither the Maltese media nor on the official pages of the government to find this information failed.

“The Central Bank of Libya, with headquarters in Tripoli is the only legitimate Central Bank of Libya,” – said the foreign Ministry of the United States, adding that “the influx of counterfeit of the Libyan currency printed in Russia in recent years has exacerbated the economic problems of Libya.”

At the state Department recalled that United States is “determined to cooperate with the UN and international partners to prevent activity that undermines the sovereignty and stability of Libya and are incompatible with internationally accepted modes of sanctions.” Washington also called on Russia to stop the “malicious and destabilizing” actions in Libya.

The confiscation of a large batch printed in banknotes of Russia reported in November 2019. Media with reference to the Maltese security service wrote that in September, they confiscated two containers with the money volume of 56 cubic meters. And from February to June, according to Reuters, from Russia to the Central Bank of Libya was sent about 4.5 billion Libyan dinars (at the time of 3.22 billion dollars). The Central Bank in Tripoli has not officially announced that printed in Russia notes are an illegal currency.

It was assumed that the fall of the confiscated money was intended to Marshal the Caliph Haftarot that in the struggle for power opposed to the internationally recognized Government of national consensus (NTC) under the leadership of Faiz Zarraga and controls Eastern and partly the southern region of Libya. It is believed that the Haftarah is supported by Moscow with the assistance of the PMC soldiers of Wagner. The Kremlin denied that Russian occupies either side of the inter-Libyan conflict and disown responsibility for the actions of the Russian mercenaries in the country.

On the website of Goznak reported that the JSC in the history of its existence has supplied banknotes to dozens of countries, including Indonesia, China, Nigeria, parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Russia prints cash for a parallel Libyan government headed by the Haftarot from 2016. Currency “Goznak” is a little different from the Dinar, which is printed for the PNS British firm De La Rue, says RBC.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that “the false are not Libyan dinars, and American statements.” On the Agency’s website States that a contract to print Libyan dinars was signed in 2015 between “Goznak” and the head of the Libyan Central Bank in the city of Tobruk. “While we believe that these funds are necessary to maintain stable functioning of the entire Libyan economy”, – said the foreign Ministry. Think there is legitimate both operating in the Central Bank of Libya: in Tripoli and in Benghazi.

In “Goznak” added that the right of the Central Bank in Tobruk in the conclusion of contracts for the production of banknotes was enshrined in 2016, the decision of the Government of national unity. “Despite all differences between the parties, this decision is not revoked and valid at the present time”, – said on the website of the company.

“Banknotes made as part of the intervention delivery, are modified by a series of previous notes, and have a visual difference compared to them. Samples of these banknotes were approved by the representatives of the Central Bank of Libya in the prescribed manner, whereby the use of the term “counterfeit” in relation to these bills is unreasonable and unlawful,” said the “Goznak”.

They added that the Commission of experts on Libya in the UN security Council in 2019 not found violations of the sanctions the supply of circulation of banknotes. Confiscation of currency Maltese customs in September last year Goznak was called a violation of international law.

“The customs authorities of Malta for several months did not provide any explanation regarding the detention of the party banknotes, and in may 2020 responded with a statement, the contents of which significantly distorts the actual circumstances of the relationship of the JSC Goznak and the Central Bank of Libya,” said the company.