The Olympic champion on a diving Ilya Zakharov thinks about the resumption of a career, but to return after years of inactivity he will be incredibly hard. In an interview with RT, said his former partner, world champion Evgeny Kuznetsov. He also explained why not yet able to train, expressed the opinion, as of the coronavirus pandemic will impact on the development of sport, and noted that the transfer of the Games in Tokyo for 2021 upset him.

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— June 7 team Russia jumps in the water gathered at “Round Lake”, but you never came. Why?

The challenge was, but then talked to the head coach. Said, that those who are not from Moscow or the Moscow region, will have two weeks to be quarantined, you cannot go anywhere. I don’t really understand this rule, because cases are concentrated in and around the capital, according to statistics.

— Do you want to come or the shape of the house in Stavropol?

— I used to travel, training camps and competitions. At home to train a little hard.

— Your partner’s synchronised Nikita Schleicher now in Kazan. There is information when you can together work out?

— Most likely, this will be the beginning of July. We will call on “Round Lake”, where we will work together.


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— Discussed with him the future programme? Or early to speak about it?

— While to discuss in fact there is nothing. There is a certain program that we are working on. Only need to renew the training process and to acquire suitable conditions that the coaching staff could help in full.

— The conditions in Stavropol now what? Already doing in the pool?

— At the moment the pool is sanitary month. It changed the water, did some repairs. Train there now it is impossible, of course. Yet at home or in the garden can only allow swapping stretch. When the pool is ready for use, is unknown.

— Last time when was doing in the water?

— It was March 20.

— During actions associated with coronavirus limitations, fans were surprised that high diver Artem Silchenko worked as a loader. And how did you time?

— I similar did not have to do. The house was preparing for the season. First they said to wait a week, then another week, the self-isolation of all was extended and extended. Form now lost, although it was ready on 99%.

— You mean the world Cup, which was to be held in April?

Him and the Olympic games. All training was aimed at them.

— As you need time to return to the same form?

— Personally, I couple of weeks is enough. The team needs a couple of months.

— You know how things have divers in the water in other countries?

Tracking, of course, no no. But I know that our friends from China are trained in normal mode, now came the Italians, the Germans. Everything is ready for the competition, and we all, unfortunately, closed.

— Do not fear that Chinese athletes will now be farther away from the rest of the world?

— Why be afraid? There is no choice. Will work to show the maximum result, which is possible. There is no fear, but objectively understand that they have a little more time.

How were you affected by the transfer of the Olympics?

— I already aged me 30 years. And jumping into the water — enough young sport. For me, it was bad news. But the spirit no one falls. Let’s hope that in 2021 Games will be held.

— Dmitry Sautin competed at the Olympics and won medals in 34 years. Maybe he would have advice to share?

— Sautin is a great man. To match him, most likely, will not work. Plus the complexity of the program increases with each passing year, it becomes physically difficult to cope with it.


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— Can a pandemic coronavirus discard the water jumps to step back, slow down this progress?

— Progress will slow worldwide, not only in sports — in the economy for example. Because of this pandemic will affect all industries, and sports including. We have a vacation lasts a week or two. And three months to spend in home mode… of Course it will backfire later.

— Next year shall be held on the world Cup, which will be a qualifying tournament for the Olympics. But it must not pass in April, and in February, replacing the first stages of the World series. How will this affect the fight for the last Olympic quota?

— Of course, it will be important competition. We do not have all of the licenses won. We will prepare to the world Cup because the World series is postponed, canceled. It will be difficult, because the necessary competitive stress before the important competitions. Maybe spend some estimations on our database among Russian athletes.

The world Cup will be held in Tokyo in the Olympic arena. It is important for you to be on it in advance, to experience the conditions?

— The pools are still different, even if they are equally built. There is a need to visit the sports complex, which will then compete, to feel certain things. We while jumping orientirueshsya not only on your feelings, but the audience, on the ceiling. A poet, without a doubt, this pool needs to get there.

— By the time the Olympics in 2021 will end in disqualification of Ilya Zakharov. He said that no plans to return. You and he have discussed this?

— I talked to him, he had such thoughts creep in. But it’s very hard. I spent three months in isolation and out of shape, and the man missed a year. Him even more difficult to return. Everything will depend on the motivation and physical strength. For Zakharova solve nothing, he will think.

— If he still dare to resume his career, whether to wait for your reunion? Because the pair you’ve won the world championship and took silver in the Olympics.

— I’m a hostage of circumstances and the change of partners can’t solve. I wish we can do that with Schleicher, we have a good Duo. Can’t say anything bad about him, we more or less fit together. I’ll try to stay third-party position, so let the coach.

— On the Olympic games program in the diving is not as extensive as at the world Championships. Would like to on Games of medals were played more?

Is discussed, the more types the better. It will make diving more popular. We have a very interesting and exciting sport. This jumping, flying, water element… I Think it would be interesting.

And high diving you like about it?

— Is positive. The guys at great risk, they have an incredible height, and you can kill yourself. But it’s very beautiful!