Soldiers of Ukrainian army on a front line in the Donbass held a successful special operation to sweep the military positions of Russian invaders. On the Fund “come Back alive” in the social network appeared the details of what happened on the front.

According to the report, Ukrainian army special forces advanced on rebel positions at night and conducted a sweep, which is possible to disrupt the Russians ‘ attack on Ukrainian positions.

Moreover, the elimination of the militant groups allowed the Ukrainian infantry to move to the forefront and to take a more advantageous location.

“Behind them there is not one solution on the enemy positions. In the photos below you can see one of past successful operations. That night the guys easily “smoothed out” the enemy’s position, warned the militants and allowed the infantry to take a more advantageous tactical position”, – stated in the message.

In addition, it was published a few pictures where you can notice the details of the RAID on the front.

Information about the exact location of the front of the APU carried out a special operation, remains classified.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported fight near Novomykhailivka: APU held an important position under fire from 120-millimeter artillery.

And recently it became known that the militants are massing tanks and armored personnel carriers to the two areas on the front of Donbass, it’s serious.