The members of the expedition Ningaloo Canyons has published in his Twitter a video with the underwater drone, which captures one of the strange creatures of the oceans. The expedition explored the unexplored, but very rich in life a biome of Western Australia, and was already on the way back, when the sonar showed something strange. Exploration sent the drone, and when the footage from the camera display in the cabin, there immediately gathered the whole team.

Very similar to alien life, both visually and by their behavior, this creature still came from the Earth and bears the name of siphonophora. Drone failed to show in its entirety, an estimate of the length of the external ring 47 m, which means it’s a monster of unprecedented size. Little siphonophore not happen at all, but such huge colonies, scientists have not yet seen. Fortunately, this animal poses no danger, although awe-inspiring.

Check out this beautiful *giant* siphonophore Apolemia recorded on #NingalooCanyons expedition. It seems likely that this specimen is the largest ever recorded, and in the strange UFO-like feeding posture. Thanks @Caseywdunn for info @wamuseum @GeoscienceAus @CurtinUni @Scripps_Ocean

— Schmidt Ocean (@SchmidtOcean) April 6, 2020

Siphonophora is a collective body consisting of individuals of Zohidov, which are connected into a single structure articulated by the nervous system. Like ants in an anthill, the individual Zohidov have their own function. Some emit light, alluring prey, her other catch, others provide movement of the entire structure, etc. Information about these creatures too little, but we know that all the resources within siphonophora are distributed according to the known principle “from each according to ability, to each according to need”.

Alone soodum not survive, they exist, still living the whole colony of siphonophora. Off the coast of Australia, scientists were able to observe how individuals convey food along the Central rod with the nervous system, so she got all parts of a single organism. Helix, which saw a drone, just indicates that the colony is in the mode of feeding. Stunner.

Source — Wired