Under the gun in Ukraine is 200 thousand reservists.Photo: the Argument

Most of them are ready to come to military units in case of open aggression against the country

10.12.18 97010

Chief of staff, Deputy chief of the General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant-General Arthur Artemenko said that in Ukraine the number of reservists is more than 200 thousand people, most of whom are ready to come to military units in case of open aggression against the country.

He said this during the briefing.

According to the representative of the armed forces, for the past three years training of reservists at the training camp have been about 40 thousand people from the reserve of the first stage. Thus, in 100% of cases there was conducted practical training for combat brigades.

“In December, in view of the introduction of the legal regime of martial law continue the planned activities for training of reservists,” said Artemenko, stressing that the exercise was “routine.”

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He also noted that from December 3 started a new series of large-scale training for reservists, which gradually attracted to the military experience.

Exercises for reservists occur in two directions.

The first charges of the brigades, which continue up to 15 days. This step tests the readiness of teams to respond and act in shortest time.

Second – fees of training centres, which continue up to 20 days. Here the training of reservists of the first stage, having a certain specialization (combat vehicles, snipers, gunners, tankers and so on).

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“In the areas where imposed martial law – mass fees for exercises on territorial defense for up to 10 days,” said Artemenko.

Note, since the beginning of the 2018 27 million contract came to APU.

We will remind, earlier the General staff announced that, in connection with the introduction of martial law and General mobilization will not.

At the moment, the work will be carried out only with the reservists of the first stage, up to the age of forty years.