In the United States have developed a cure for marijuanabuy based onPixabay

The drug is successfully tested on humans

10.12.18 175500

Scientists from Yale University have developed a new drug that helps to refuse from the use of marijuana without the syndrome. This writes Eurek Alert.

Cannabis use becomes a problem when a person cannot stop using a drug, even if it interferes with many aspects of life. According to the American psychiatric Association, the disorder associated with cannabis use (CUD), is characterized by risky drinking, a growing tolerance to the drug and the withdrawal syndrome. In 2015, the disorder was diagnosed in 4 million people in the United States, nearly 150,000 people had voluntarily applied for treatment.

“With the increasing efforts to legalize marijuana is expected to increase demand for treatment from addiction, but now we have no medicines to help people trying to quit Smoking cannabis”, says Professor of psychiatry Deepak Cyril D’souza.

He developed an experimental drug is an inhibitor of fatty acids, which acts on endocannabinoid metabolic receptors in the brain.

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Participated in the testing of 70 men who smoked at least three joints of marijuana per day. In the first week they were placed in a hospital without access to “grass” to provoke a withdrawal syndrome that usually manifests itself as insomnia, irritability, loss of strength. After that, half of the participants within three weeks were given an inhibitor of fatty acids, and the other half placebo. At the end of treatment patients sent home, where they could, if desired, to use marijuana.

Thus, the group that took the drug, failed to reduce marijuana use to an average of 0.4 cigarettes per day. In the control group to 1.4 cigarettes. This was confirmed both by patients and by urine analysis for drugs. In addition, taking the drug noted a rapid improvement of sleep.

Recall that in experiments on rats and mice cannabidiol (a component of marijuana) demonstrated substantial antidepressant effect for 7 days after a single application.