KIEV. 5 APR. UNN. With a powerful victory returned Home the national Paralympic team of Ukraine in sport dancing in wheelchairs with the international tournament on sport dancing in wheelchairs, which took place in the Dutch city of Choic. It is reported, NXU, reports UNN.

Ukrainian wheelchair dancers won the first place of the tournament and 13 awards, 12 of which are gold and 1 bronze medal. Our Paralympians clearly won the representatives of the 13 countries that competed for the highest awards of the international tournament for five days.

The authors of the gold awards were: double-Ivan Sivak, twice Olena Chynka, Valery, Bevzuk, Ilona Slugovina, as well as duets, Bevzyuk Valery and Ilona slugovina, Bevzyuk Valery Pedchenko and Veronica Onishchenko and Escarpment Elena, Thick Andrew and Ilona slugovina, Alexander Onishchenko and Escarpment Elena , Bevzyuk Valery Pedchenko and Veronica.

Recall that our Paralympic athletes and the competition in shooting in the UAE.