KIEV. 5 APR. UNN. Leading Fox News called a “whiner,” a teenager who survived a shooting at the school. Shaw went to the advertisers, and the lead began to protect the Russian bots. Reports UNN with reference to the publication in the publication Business Insider.

After David Hogg, who survived the shooting at the school of Florida gave an interview to us media, where he pointed out that universities have not taken on teaching a few teenagers, participants of the marches against the massive arms sales in the United States, host of the Fox News channel, Laura Ingraham in a private Twitter account called him a “whiner.”

The next day Hogg called sponsors from advertising in the show, which is Ingram and did not accept her apology, noting that it was concerned solely advertising contracts.

In the leading there were the defenders: the social networks now there’s a campaign in her support under the hashtag “IStandWithLaura”. The publication reported that the majority of posts it was written by Russian bots. The publication cites Hamilton project data 68, which was created by former employees of us intelligence and the state Department to track the Russian campaign on the impact of Twitter, as well as site, which tracks the activities of the “promotional accounts”. According to them, until the evening of March 31 this was the most popular hashtag among the “Russian bots”, over the first 48 hours of its use “propaganda accounts” increased by 2800%.

Business Insider writes that the surge in these accounts were registered directly after the shooting in Parkland. According to participants in Hamilton 68, the content of such tweets do not necessarily reflect the official Russian position; their job is to make chaos and spread false information about important public events in USA events.

As reported UNN, Chairman of the diplomatic Department of the UK said that Russia had reasons for poisoning ex-spy Sergei Skripal.