The President is not an actor on the stage or on the screen, but the real leader of a real country with an aggressive and ruthless neighbor.

This is the main idea of comments in social networks Ukrainians angered by the fact that the wife of entertainer and presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky Elena called presidential ambitions of her husband, “project”, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Elena Zelenskaya, the wife of entertainer and presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky
said that the presidential ambitions of a spouse of her long-guarded,
however, after some of the shock had taken a firm decision to support.

“I was openly and aggressively against the beginning of this project, because it is a very difficult project, even
not a project but a different direction in life. But I tried
to take care of. And the earliest plans when all of this was discussed with colleagues,
close associates, I can’t say that I hid it, but protected from too much informationthat I prematurely wasn’t nervous”, she said in the TV channel ICTV.”

It turns out that in the family of one of the candidates for the highest public office in Ukraine participated in the elections and in case of victory they perceive the presidency that way: from the point of view of show business.

So lightweight the perception of the leadership of our country in the current extremely difficult period for it angered Ukrainians, and they openly wrote in social networks:

“He said that thought. Really this project, and it’s the worst thing that over the state and the people put experiments on amoebas!!! No, he decided, was just a “suggestion” from which could not refuse. And in the end it no one asked!

The President is not the actor, not the actor, but the real leader of the country, and even in the period of the war and the constant aggression. Someone thought it would be after March 31, with Ukraine, the country in which we all can be? The impression is that all this is perceived as a temporary joke, but not a solution to the fate of all Ukrainians in subsequent years, and perhaps centuries to come” ;

“Well, what of it the President?! Who of the world leaders wish in the near future to meet him?”

In social networks many of these comments. The Ukrainians say that now qualify for the highest state post, having such a lightweight against him, at least, unwise, and perhaps even criminal, because the President will surely have to face challenges of enormous complexity: with problems to solve that only experienced and truly
policy with authority among world leaders
being the kind of person that will listen and with whom
to be considered.

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Whether that person was a showman who not only entertained people, and often from the stage, dismissive and even offensive comments about their country and their fellow citizens?

That person is the producer in a show that Ukrainians many times exhibited unintelligent and narrow-minded? Among other things, does the moral right to run for the highest office a person who knows the proper level of the state language.

A statement by Elena Zelenskaya about the “project” was just “icing on the cake” and added a portrait of her husband as a presidential candidate, not even knowing what position he participates in the elections. And in the current Ukraine presidency – not a project.

The project, for example, any show can fail, and it will be extremely unpleasant for the producers, Directors, actors… but does not affect the very existence of the country in which the show was delivered.

And the failure of the President may be fraught with loss of independence and sovereignty of the country, is fraught with troubles, and may be many deaths, because it’s not “project”, but great work and huge responsibility.

And Ukraine needs a President that is aware of this, ready for it. The lightness here is misplaced.

Recall that Zelensky is losing ground and realizes that were not there.

It was also reported that Zelensky was shocked by his Declaration of citizens of Ukraine.