Friends and acquaintances of the victims carry to the place of the terrible accident flowers. But witnesses recognized that the impact was so strong that the jeep just ripped in two.

The first footage from the accident showed “Duma”. Also, the Network already has video of the collision, which killed two people. This 22-year-old Shamil Hajiyev and his 33-year-old girlfriend Victoria Kravchenko. Left without a mother with two children, reports “Диало.UA”.

Both victims of the famous families. For example, Hajiyev – the son of the owner of a night club Bono in Arcadia of Gazanfar Hajiyev. That guy was driving a brand new BMX X6.

By the way, the 22-year-old “major” – the brother of Ramil Hajiyev, world Boxing champion.

Eyewitnesses say that a terrible accident – the result of a race by their “majors”. Hajiyev, which the city called the fan “a quick ride”, often at night, drove with another driver who was driving a Porshe.

Last car was also driven by the son of a prominent businessman, but the name has not been disclosed.

Viktoriya Kravchenko – daughter of the famous Odessa businessman. He is the owner of clinic of plastic surgery “Dr. Mozart”. Previously, it was also the hotel Mozart is located in the heart of the city opposite the Opera house.

Eyewitnesses say that the 22-year-old Shamil has not coped with management and flew at high speed into a pole, hooking along the way, moving Hyundai. From hitting the jeep broke. Victoria Kravchenko died on the spot. Shamil Gadzhiev died in intensive care.

By the way, 33-year-old Kravchenko – the cousin of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone. Newspaper “FACTS” had previously published an exclusive interview with Stallone mother Jacqueline. It is many years ago visited Odessa. Then it turned out that father Valeriy Kravchenko was the nephew of Jacqueline Stallone. And their kinship traced the mother of a Hollywood celebrity.

“Ever since they found each other, we keep in touch. Glad she came to visit”, – said Valeriy Kravchenko.

Earlier it became known about death in an accident a well-known journalist Yuri Yatsyuk.

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