Infographic of Ukrainian cruise liner instead of Odessa went to Rostov-on-don

The reason for the route change is unknown


Ukrainian cruise liner of the type river-sea “General Vatutin” for unknown reasons changed course and went to Russia, writes the Odessa newspaper Dumskaya.

“On 1 June he came out of Kiev in the so-called “burning” cruise. But without going to another item of the cruise port of Odessa, he moved from Kherson straight to Ishmael, and then made the transition to Vilkovo. Yesterday, at 5 o’clock in the morning, he came out of Vilkovo and unexpectedly headed for the Crimea”, the statement reads.

By night the ship was near the South Bank of the occupied Peninsula, and this morning resumed the movement.

In the cruise company “Chervona Ruta”, which organizes tours on “General Vatutine”, stated that they do not have any information about the movements of the vessel.

According to the map ship tracking Marine Traffic, “General Vatutin” moves in the direction of Russia. Currently, he is in the area of the Kerch Peninsula. Destination is Russian Rostov-on-don.


The ship was built in 1986 at the shipyard in Germany, after which he was transferred to Ukrrichflot. In 2002 the ship was sold to the company “Chervona Ruta”.

From 2005 and until 2013 the boat worked on a cruise line Kiev-Yalta – Odessa with foreign tourists. In 2013-2016 year was on layover in Kiev, last year working on a cruise line Kiev – Odessa – Vilkovo-Kiev.

According to the Register of shipping of Ukraine, is now “General Vatutin” owned BREEZE CRUISE LINES LIMITED. Port — Kherson. In February he underwent dry docking and repairs, got all the evidence, which will run until 2019. Emergency cases was not with him, that is on repair in Rostov the ship can not go.