Sunday. Bucharest. The podium in the heaviest weight: Vasilina KIRICHENKO, Galina TARASOVA, Anastasia SAPSAY, Emese KARPATI. Photo:

Ukrainian women took all the podium in the heaviest weight in the tournament in Bucharest.

Two gold, one silver and three bronze, bringing the Ukrainian judoists from the tournament European Open, held last weekend in Bucharest.

In the championship of Ukraine became the competitions in the heavy weight women in the capital of Romania and it is even in the absence of the leaders of our national team Svetlana Yaremka and Elizabeth Kalininoj. All three women advanced to the semifinals after successful completion of the first round. Vasilina Kirichenko won Beata Kabat from Romania, Anastasia Sapsay – Italian Carolina Costa, Galina Tarasova – the Hungarian Emese Karpati.

In the first semifinal 21-year-old from Lvov Kirichenko took up the Italian ELISA Marchio, the collection of which was already at that time two gold series tournaments Continentional Open. The main time a rival finished without the ratings with a score 2:2 “shido”. So the third point, which got the opponent in the second minute “the Golden is fast” automatically means a victory for the pupils of Andrew Adopti.

The fate of the second semi-final was also decided on “shido”, but here to “the Golden is fast” is not reached. Galina Tarasova got two against three newly made champion of Europe on Sambo 22-year-old Cherkasenko Anastasia Sapsay.

I wonder if 24-year-old Galina Tarasova from Zaporizhia has previously won awards at tournaments in this series, though not the highest standard (in 2014, bronze in Tallinn and Sofia), Vasilina Kyrychenko first got to the podium of the European Open.

Note that the athletes met in the quarterfinals in the last championship and then turned out to be stronger Tarasov. In Bucharest, the situation repeated itself. Ward Eugene Brehova and Alexander Wild, taking advantage of an uncertain attack of the opponent, threw her to the Mat with a hold for IPPON.

Gold was the Mat in the Romanian capital for Gevorg Khachatryan (to 66 kg), He started the tournament, after warming up on a little-known Frenchman Robin Corrado. If you start a battle earned in the first minute of “Vasari” in the end, brought the 26-year-old judoka from the Dnieper victory, the match next round against Spaniard adriana Labrado to the same rating it got painful reception on a hand, having early access to the quarterfinals, where he attended the meeting with the bronze medalist of the last European championship among juniors in Malaga-2016 Manuel Lombardo from Italy.

Under the old rules the fight would have ended a minute before the end, when Khachatryan earned the second “Vasari”. But the new had to continue the fight. Lombardo tried desperately to recoup. But the Ukrainian judoist not holed up in defense because over him like the sword of Damocles hangs two “shido”. In the end, he earned a third and then a fourth assessment, teach a master class to the young representative of Italy.

Could not even for a teammate in the semi-finals silver medalist at European Open in Rome Matteo Medves. Little more than a minute it took the student Vitaly Kharlamov and Artem Bloshenko to the already existing “Vasari” to add using the “Maki-Komi” another with a further hold on “IPPON”.

Rivals in the final Khachatryan went to the Vice-world champion among juniors 2015 Alberto Gaitero from Spain. Almost missed the start of the fight throw it in the third minute of winning the fight in the pit he earned the “Vasari”, which eventually secured his first career gold European Open. Prior to that, he has twice climbed the second step in Tallinn and Katowice 2013-2017, where, by the way, lost the final to compatriot Bogdan Adovo and was the bronze medalist in Prague in 2016.

Two more bronze medals brought Ukraine in Bucharest, Andrey Kolesnik (over 100) and Anton Savitsky (100). And if the first has been raised on the podium of the European Open (third place in Sofia-2015), the second is the first success in the tournaments of this series.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

BUCHAREST. Tournament European Open. Men. Up to 60 kg. 1. Ben-David (Israel). 2. The Manzi. 3. Di Loreto (both in Italy), Mkheidze (France)… 7. BILICHENKO… 9. LESYUK, MORGOEV. To 66 kg. 1. KHACHATRYAN (Ukraine). 2. Gaitero (Spain). 3. Lombardo (Italy), baths Harten (Holland)… 9. KHASANKAEV… 17. BOURDON, MOSES (Ukraine). Up to 73 kg. 1. Ruiz (Puerto Rico). 2. Rahimli (Azerbaijan). 3. Ramirez (Spain), Urani (France). 5. KANIVETS… 17. HOMOLA (both – Ukraine). Up to 81 kg. 1. Battle (Belgium). 2. Guluzade (Azerbaijan). 3. Benjamin Nivet For Troyes (France), Martigny (Portugal)… 17. KOSHLYAK, DRY, TOLKACH (Ukraine). Up to 90 kg. 1. Seguljev (Azerbaijan). 2. Kohman (Israel). 3. Bodylow (Romania), Mungai (Italy). 5. SINYAVSKAYA… 9. RAKITA… 17. DOVBYSH… 33. KRUK (Ukraine). Up to 100 kg. 1. Del’ver (France). 2. Loporchio (Italy). 3. Finger (Israel), SAVITSKY… 9. HUTSOL, ROMANIUK… 17. LYSENKO (Ukraine). Over 100 kg. 1. Natia (Romania). 2. Kakouri (Azerbaijan). 3. Allerstorfer (Austria), KOLESNIK… 7. ZVEREV… 9. MINE, PANKO (Ukraine).

Women. To 48 kg. 1. Ungureanu (Romania). 2. Milani (Italy). 3. Jura (Belgium), Sederot (Portugal). Up to 52 kg. 1. Parents (Poland). 2. Pierucci (Italy). 3. Nordmeier, székely DSC (both from Germany)… 9. PLIEV (Ukraine). To 57 kg. 1. Nieto (France). 2. Lo Giudice (Italy). 3. Anisoin (Spain), Stoll (Germany). 5. GHEVONDYAN… 9. SOON… 17. PELAGICEVO (Ukraine). To 63 kg. 1. Agbenyega. 2. Pinot (both from France). 3. Fishing Line (Slovenia), Shor (Israel)… 17. SHEVCHENKO (Ukraine). 70 kg 1. Gayet (France). 2. Conway. 3. Howell (both UK), Passoni (Italy)… 9. SMAL (Ukraine). Up to 78 kg. 1. Graf (Austria). 2. CEMEA (France). 3. Ramires (Portugal), Shalanky (Hungary). Over 78 kg. 1. TARASOV. 2. KIRICHENKO. 3. SAPSAY (all – Ukraine), Karpati (Hungary).