In Cherkasy region murdered a well-known collector Andrew Tigerishly. And after the massacre, the criminal has set fire to his victim in his house-Museum.

About the tragedy that occurred on June 11, on his page in Facebook said Alexey Ticko.

The deceased old parental home was turned into a Museum. Here Teerasil kept amphorae of Tripoli culture, mammoth bones and tools of our ancestors, embroidery, embroidered towels and other exhibits of past centuries.

Nothing boded trouble, and the car had a lot of creative plans, was to get out his book of short stories.

Teerasil always carried a book and a pencil, so as not to miss the opportunity to record some interesting thought or word.

“Last month he was in a hurry, if something felt”, wrote Ticko.

Killer collector detained in hot pursuit, the details are not yet disclosed.

We previously wrote about the terrible massacre of the famous Odessa antiquarian.

The body of the deceased was discovered by the maid. On the night of the death of a man in the house were himself, his wife was on a business trip. The attackers to murder damaged alarm cable. The house was only antiquary, dying brutally tortured.

Nadezhda Nikitina