In a tragic accident, as it turned out, suffered another famous athlete.

The Ukrainian wrestler Oleg Doha in a coma after an accident at Exactly that killed his teammate, world and European champion on wrestling on the hands of Andrey Pushkar, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to “arm Wrestling” in social networks.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” wrote that on Wednesday, November 14, in the Rivne region the accident occurred, which killed the famous Ukrainian wrestler at the hands of Andrey Pushkar.

It later emerged that another famed athlete Oleg Doha was also in the car, the guy was taken to the hospital. By the way, Oleg’s father Sergei Joc also died in this tragic accident.

In the picture: armwrestlers Andrey Pushkar and Oleg Doha preparing for competitions. Both of them are always adequately represent Ukraine in international tournaments.

At the moment Oleg is in intensive care in a coma, and his arm is broken. What (we know that he fights only the left) is not specified. It is also known that the athlete has a large hematoma on the head and injured internal organs.

Now the state of Doha remains extremely difficult – it is prepared for surgery. Oleg is in reanimation of neurosurgical office in Rivne city hospital. The rest of the details mother of the athlete were asked not to disclose.

Recall from 2 of the citizen of Ukraine died in Poland under the wheels of the car.

It was also reported that the accident at Exactly the truck crushed the car, killing two people.