Vladimir Putin has always been distinguished for his nasty temper and never publicly concealed.

Roman Tsimbalyuk, who is a well-known Ukrainian journalist, said that the Kremlin never had any sympathy for the Ukrainian leaders, regardless of their names, according to “Диалог.UA”.

Tsymbalyuk noted that this is not a mere coincidence, and current frequenter of the city Rostov (Viktor Yanukovych) this calculation should not be taken as sympathetic to him, Putin has become after the complete bending under the Imperial Moscow.

He stressed that now the head of the aggressor makes demands to the future President of the Ukrainian state that recognized the illegal annexation of Crimea and started a completely meaningless talks with their puppets, who occupied some areas of Donbass.

The journalist strongly believes that Vladimir Putin is fully involved in the electoral process of our country.

Earlier Roman Tsymbalyuk informed Ukrainians about how Putin is quietly turned on her, and what leverage he has left on the Ukrainian sovereign state.

Recall that Tsymbalyuk openly declared that the aggressor is better not to have Affairs at all.