In the attack the leader of the Ukraine national team and French “Lille” Alina YAGUPOV. Photo:

According to leading experts of the continent, that our team took them in the first place.

7 may on the basis of the capital of the International tennis Academy, which has created quite a comfortable environment for productive work, women’s team of Ukraine will start the first training camp plans to prepare for the final tournament of the European championship.

Recall that it will be held on 16-27 June in the Czech Republic. The head coach of our national team Vladimir slaves announced the extended list of candidates in its ranks, inviting the right 25 players. Interestingly, the domestic championship are only 10 of them…

It should be noted that on 18 and 19 may, the Ukrainian national team scheduled two guest sparring with the national team of Lithuania. However, as noted by Vladimir slaves, it is unlikely they will be attended by all the leaders. But I’ll get a chance to prove himself the young singer, who strive to consolidate the basis of the main team of the country.

Meanwhile, the FIBA website has published a ranking of women’s national teams according to leading basketball experts. And in it, which is very nice, Ukraine took the first place. Apparently, the experts were very much struck by the successful performances of our players in the qualifying tournament of the European championship, where the team of Vladimir Kholopova has won all matches, including the double over the current Champions of the continent – Serbian.

However, the opponents of Ukrainians in this ranking and took the top position. In particular, the team of Spain – the second, the Czech Republic, Hungary and sixth – eighth. So on the playing arenas of the continental championship events may start to develop in spite of all ratings…

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Protector D andra moss (“Mersin”, Turkey), Olga Dubrovina (“Tigers of Astana”, Kazakhstan), Eugene Spitkovsky and Victoria Condos (both “vanguard”), Arina bila Tserkva (“Suduva”, Lithuania), Natalia Skorbatyuk, Olga Kraevskaya and Vita Gorobets (“TIM – SKOUFA”).

Forwards Alina Yagupov and Lyudmila Naumenko (both from Lille, France), Anna zarycka (“Tigers of Astana”, Kazakhstan), Olga Maznichenko (“Montbrison”, France), Anna olkhovyk and Daria Enviable (both “TIM-SKOUFA”), Katherine Dorogobuzova (“AZS UMCS”, Poland), Katerina Dobrikova (“Suduva”, Lithuania), Kateryna Rymarenko (“Sleza”, Poland). Center Valeria Berezinskaya (“Flamers Basket”, France), Olesya Malashenko (“Mersin”, Turkey), Taisa Udodenko (Nymburk, Czech Republic), Elena Stashchuk (“Url”, Turkey), Victoria Mircheva (Samsun, Turkey)

Olga Lackovic (“vanguard”), Cristina Carp (“Interchem”), Tatiana Jurkevicius (“Vinnyts’ki blyskavka”).