Position UF MMA. As Volodymyr Teslya develops mixed martial arts in Ukraine 17.05.18 47000

To create and build always more difficult than to destroy. That is why pests that tend to break out anywhere in the world solely due to destructive activities, has always been more than creators. Closes the cycle of the absurdity of the situation that the proponents of progress and move to a better have to solve situational problems, but also to deal with haters and critics with their treacherous sticks in the wheels. And they, as a rule, becomes greater, the longer and better you bring your idea to life.

However, to master the chosen path, only walking, no matter what the obstacles. And luck, as practice shows, also has a thing for strong.

Volodymyr Teslya and the League

Creating from scratch a world League of World Warriors Fighting Championship Volodymyr Teslya was devoid of any guarantees of the success of the project. Moreover, mixed martial arts in Ukraine at that time could not boast of any sane popular. But, putting the once ambitious goal, always driven by a desire to bring the Ukrainian MMA to a new level, today, Volodymyr Teslya not unsatisfied with the work done and even with well-deserved pride can say that he succeeded.

So, today WWFC – objectively the strongest Ukrainian promotion, which is known to say far outside the country. And mixed martial arts in Ukraine are experiencing a real boom, as evidenced by a real stir among the audience.

Mixed martial arts for Amateurs and professionals

However, to stop there and just reap the rich fruits of successful activity – not in the rules of Vladimir Tesli. WWFC develops further, continuing the enviable progress from tournament to tournament. And in March 2018 has been active and Amateur mixed martial arts Federation of Ukraine (UF MMA), where also Teslya took the post of President.

Those spiteful critics mentioned at the beginning, immediately began to growl out of their dark corners. Supposedly it is not that other, as attempt to sit on two chairs. To answer such a smart guy just want only one thing: if a man does his job and, moreover, does what it knows and can do, “excellent”, then let him take at least ten chairs. Because if there’s opportunity, ability, desire and strength – sense and the result will be.

For 5 years at the head of the League Volodymyr Teslya, together with his associates and supporters had an excellent opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about the state of Affairs in the Ukrainian MMA. And in the end come to the conclusion that this promising and progressive sport that has all the makings of becoming an Olympic, needs serious help to launch into a new level of compliance with the best international standards.

Volodymyr Teslya and promising future of MMA

Good purpose and clear goal – the development and popularization of MMA in Ukraine. This will give each athlete the opportunity to fully realize themselves first in the Amateur level and to determine the need for a professional career in mixed martial arts.like-minded people in all regions of Ukraine. Under the auspices of the Federation gathered a team of real professionals. And the work began.

May 13 is already in Tyachev (Zakarpatye region), the championship of Ukraine in mixed martial arts, which was attended by athletes of different age categories: children, youths and adults. He organized and conducted floor the auspices of the League of World Warriors Fighting Championship. And although this is only the beginning, apparently – successful and promising.

Knowing how much Volodymyr Teslya “hurts” their creations, how energetic he is involved in the process of their full development and the future of creation, no doubt. In any circumstances, not to mention the envious with spiteful critics can’t stop that.