Photo of the SBU identified the militants who tortured prisoners in the DonbassPhoto:

Just published a security Bulletin 435 collection of testimonies of former prisoners

17.05.18 172100

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) identified the person six operatives who tortured Ukrainian citizens, were at that time in captivity in the Donbas.

On the website of the SBU published a Bulletin which contains the readings of Ukrainians released from captivity of militants.

“In particular, the collection published an impressive photo of sadists named “Adrenaline” and “Baton”, which cynically posing in front of the “torture room” on the background of ammunition for torture and protection against splatter of blood, “overalls”, – stated in the message.

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Photo: SBU

It is noted that one of them is nicknamed the “Cool” convicted by a Ukrainian court to 10 years imprisonment.

Just Bulletin 435 collection of testimonies of former prisoners.

“Near the exit of my house knocked down, put a bag over my head and handcuffs. Accused of “betraying the ideals of the” Russian spring” of the Motherland and espionage in favor of the APU. Already in the building “MDB DNR” in Donetsk (Shevchenko str., 26) was tortured and strangled with a plastic bag, until I found out the password to my Twitter account. Also threatened with physical violence (cutting off the endings, rape, execution, or burial in a forest alive in the pit) and otherwise humiliated (I threatened to put in the pit with lime). All trying had balaclavas, but during interrogation, heard the Callsign of one of the terrorists, “Yakut”. Based on the torture testimony of the so-called “DNR Supreme court” condemned me to 10 years of imprisonment. To my unlawful arrest and falsification of criminal case of the person involved “investigator criminologist MDB DNR”, Amanco, “judges” Tokarenko, Stratacache Odegov, “detective MDB DNR” Idiatulin, “Deputy Prosecutor General of DNR” Bairachny”, – said Dmitry, who had been in captivity for 390 days.

We will remind, Vice-the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative at the talks in Minsk Irina Gerashchenko said that the militants want to convey in exchange for 15 hostages 80 people, including the Russians and the Berkut. At the same time Russia refuses to discuss the issue of sharing of their citizens illegally detained in Russian prisons Ukrainian.