In the skies over Ukraine, there has been new UAV supplied to Ukraine, Turkey.

Monday, March 18, Ukraine has experienced a new
powerful impact unmanned systems Bayraktar TB2. The UAV was seen in the sky
around noon, reports “Диалог.UA”.

UAV Bayraktar TB2
flying in the sky over Khmelnitsky and Zhitomir regions.

In addition, the route of the first
the flight of the UAV recorded and noted on the map of Ukraine.

Note that the negotiations with Turkey for the supply of vehicles
the Ukrainian leadership led two years. As a result, Poroshenko signed a Treaty
buying Bayraktar TB2, which broke a world record for UAV duration
flight while in the air 24 hours 34 minutes.

In early March, the head of Ukraine announced the test
a powerful unmanned systems, which he will attend in person.

Previously in America have experienced an engine of the Ukrainian-American rocket Firefly Alpha.

Recall that the States will strengthen the power of Ukraine for the sea battle boats Island group.

Also Washington has deployed six nuclear
bombers in Europe, despite Moscow’s threats.