The Chernobyl nuclear power plant has announced a tender for the dismantling of unstable structures of the Shelter facility. The period of performance until December 20, 2023.
Chernobyl has announced a tender for the dismantling of the old “sarcophagus” / photo UNIAN

State specialized enterprise “Chornobyl NPP” (Kyiv region) has announced tender for dismantling of unstable structures of the “Shelter” object expected cost 2,547 billion.

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This is stated in the public procurement system Prozorro.

According to the tender documentation, the goal of the dismantling – the transformation of object “shelter” into an ecologically safe system.

The deadline for completion of the work until 20 December 2023 during this period would be held “early” removal. Early dismantle will begin after the commissioning of the new safe confinement (NSC) and must be completed before the end of 2023.

Also demolition work include the management of radioactive waste (RW), collection, fragmentation, loading and transport at specified station place.

The deadline for bid submission is April 15, 2019, and the auction will be held on 21 may 2019.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in January, the state nuclear regulatory Inspectorate has issued GSP “the Chernobyl atomic power station” permit for the right of realization of activity on operation of existing building structures that perform the functions of enclosing contour of the new safe confinement (SC-NSC), after amplification and sealing.

According to the project design integrity, strength and stability of structures OK-the NSC should be provided during the period of operation of the NSC – 100 years.

Reference to UNIAN. 26 April 1986 accident at the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – the largest technological catastrophe in the history of world nuclear power. For isolation of the destroyed reactor in 1986 was built the Shelter object (the sarcophagus).

Operation of Chernobyl nuclear power plant continued until December 2000, when it was shut down the last operating unit No. 3.

To further prevent release of radioactive waste into the atmosphere, it was decided on the construction of the NSC.

In November 2016, the company Novarka completed the process of thrusting the NSC and its installation on the fourth unit of the Chernobyl NPP.

The cost of construction of arches made up of over 1.5 billion euros, and a life of 100 years.

According to the state Agency for exclusion zone management, arch has reduced the level of gamma radiation around the station compared with the period prior to its installation in design position 10 times.