The captain and chief officer of the ship Andromeda has been in prison in Greece for more than two years. Now the ordeal was over, the citizens of Ukraine returning home.

The court of Piraeus (Greece) Thursday, March 7, announced the verdict against two Ukrainian sailors who were imprisoned from January 2017, according to “Диалог.UA”.

This information was published by the diplomatic mission of Ukraine in Greece.

“Two Ukrainian sailor Alexey Slepnev and Sergey Konstantinov – the captain and XO of the said ship – after the decision of all formalities will return Home in the near future”, – stated in the message.

We are talking about a merchant ship Andromeda, the crew of which was arrested on suspicion of transporting illegal substances – explosives in early 2017. Over the past months, the international crew of the cargo ship survived more than ten court hearings, and a total trial lasted almost six months. Finally, two members of the crew are Ukrainians Slepnev and Konstantinov were able to return Home.

“How happy we are. It was hell for our family. Thank God it’s over” – write in comments to news family members of one of released.

We will remind, the decree of Poroshenko has helped to save from certain death of Ukrainian sailor Andrew Novichkova, which the Iranian authorities had been unjustly accused of a serious crime.