Scientists from the National University of Trujillo has been published details about the discovery of mass graves of children and animals that suddenly died as the result of sacrifice.

According to the BBC, terrible
the tragedy occurred in the 15th century in the North of Peru. Researchers believe that about
the existence of such practices was not mentioned in any historical sources, reports “Диалог.UA”.

You know, in
the excavations, which lasted for five years
(2011-2016), archaeologists have discovered the remains of more than 140 children, including remains of
about 200 llamas. The burial area is about 700 sq m.

On the remains of children
experts have recorded traces of the cut on the sternum. Also protruding bones
edges say that the victims opened the chest to
to take the heart.

Radiocarbon Dating
showed that the mass murders were committed at approximately 1450 our
era, when there was the Chimu culture. A thick layer of dirt on the spot where buried
children, suggests that sacrifice was carried out after
heavy rain or flooding.

According to scientists,
mass murder was intended to give a gift to the gods in
hoping for good weather.

Recall that an archaeologist found the lost artifacts