For the third month idle of the Russian gas pipeline “Blue stream”, which Russia built for $3.2 billion to supply gas to Turkey. After “maintenance” in may, he never resumed work.

The story of the “Blue stream” commented in Facebook Russian blogger, an expert in the field of energy and international politics El Murid.

He noted that the reason why the “Blue stream” is simple: Ankara is strongly reduced consumption of Russian gas, replacing it with LNG and Azeri gas from TANAP pipeline.

As a result, the Russian pipeline was unclaimed and surplus.

“In General, the decline in exports of Gazprom in almost all directions becomes chronic,” – said the blogger.

He believes that in coming years the situation for Russia will only get worse. And there are two reasons.

The first is the reduction in energy demand worldwide in connection with the economic reasons, as well as countries transition to renewable sources of energy.

The second is the aggressive foreign policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who turned the gas into an instrument of blackmail of their customers. Because of this, in particular, Russia has lost the Ukrainian market. Leaves and Poland.

“The policy of blackmail and pressure plus openly unfriendly and even hostile to the Kremlin’s actions in relation to the majority of their “partners” make it literally an outcast. It is logical that the “partners” flee from tempting offers and the Kremlin itself, as from plague,” said Russian blogger.

He believes this also caused the reduction of Turkey’s gas consumption from Russia.

The situation with the “Blue stream”, according to Murid, is the “first signal” of the collapse of energy of the Russian Federation. He is confident that the same problem will soon face other multi-billion dollar gas projects of the Kremlin.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the price of Russian gas has fallen below the return – Russia sells the blue fuel at a loss.

We also wrote that Russia’s share on the European gas market fell to a 35% fall in the three export routes.

Tatiana Shevchenko