Turkey has accused the troops of Haftarot in the attack of its Embassy in Libya

KIEV. May 11. UNN. Turkey promises to take action in connection with the bombing of the Libyan capital Tripoli forces commander Khalifa the Haftarot. It is reported by UNN with reference to Radio Liberty.

Statement Ankara is associated with the bombardment of Tripoli, may 9, in which she accuses the forces of the Haftarot. According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey, over a hundred rockets were aimed at civilian targets.

“These attacks aimed at diplomatic missions including our Embassy in Tripoli international airport Mitia, civil aircraft, ready for departure, and other civilian infrastructure, which led to the deaths and injuries of civilians is a war crime. In this context, we again emphasize that we assume the power of the Haftarot legitimate targets if they are to strike at our diplomatic missions and the interests of Libya”, – said the Ministry.

Ankara also called on the UN to respond to events in Libya, called “unacceptable” the inaction of international institutions.

Turkey declares its readiness to support internationally recognized government of Libya.

We will remind, on may 7, Italy and Turkey, said the shelling areas around their embassies in Tripoli. At the same time the representative of the Libyan national army Haftorah denied any involvement in the attack.

On Saturday the standoff between government forces and troops of the Haftarot intensified attacks suffered city airport.

Libya is in a state of civil war after NATO-backed popular uprising unseated a dictatorial regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

East and most of the country controls the “Libyan national army” led by the Haftarot, in the capital Tripoli, the government has the internationally recognized government of the national agreement.