The hacker group Anonymous has posted a new batch of internal documents of the British government organization Integrity Intiative, which aims to confront the “Russian influence” in Europe. From documents follows that to distribute the official version, for example, the case Skrobala London interferes with the inherent British sense of “fair play”, and Russian authorities are using subculture “pals” to spread lawlessness in post-Soviet Europe. According to experts, the purpose of the organization is not a fight against “Russian influence” and the creation of enemy images for internal use in European politics.

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Hackers from the international group Anonymous posted new documents project British praviteltvo Integrity Initiative, which aims to combat Russian influence in Europe.


Non-intervention: British hackers issued instructions to counter Moscow

Hacker group Anonymous has posted in the open access of internal documents of the program Integrity Initiative, which the government…

Expanding a wide network of agents in several European countries, the Integrity Initiative through the members of their cells trying to manipulate public opinion of citizens of EU member States to form their negative perception of Russia.

RT previously wrote about the activities of the cell Integrity Initiative. So, in Spain they actively tried to prevent the appointment of Colonel Pedro Banos for the post of Director of the Department of national security because of its alleged Pro-Russian views.

After disclosing the documents Integrity Initiative of the Russian Embassy in London has asked the British authorities, clarification of the organization’s activities, and Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the only goal of the Integrity Initiative is a “denigration of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the public of foreign countries.”

An “honest” game

The new array of documents, which was published Anonymous, said about the confrontation of the Integrity Initiative “Russian disinformation” in Skrobala.

In the paper prepared by the authors of the project, explicitly States that the inherent British sense of “fair play” (fair play, fair play — eng.), which implies a thorough examination of all evidence and positions on a particular issue makes it difficult for the conviction of Russia’s involvement in the alleged poisoning of former spy and his daughter.

As arguments, which should convince all reasonable citizens as to the guilt of the Russian authorities, in the documents of the Integrity Initiative is a case of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko and the investigation information and entertainment portal BuzzFeed that the Russian authorities allegedly eliminated in the UK 14 Russians and citizens “linked to Russia”.

Analysts complain that the evidence was not sufficient to convince ordinary Britons in “criminal intent Russia.”

“To convince the General public of the correctness of this version is a big problem. In the case of the UK this is largely due to accepted in society the concept of the principles of “fair play”. Many simply don’t understand how the management of such a huge and, apparently, civilized and cultured country like Russia could behave in such a way. A special role plays the fact that Russia, of course, not only denied any involvement in these incidents, but also manifests a “willingness to assist in any investigation”, — the document says.

  • Document Integrity Initiative in the case Skrobala

Italian term

A few materials posted Anonymous archive devoted to reactions to the case Skrobala in Italy. Thus, the Italian cell Integrity Initiative reports in London that some media, such as PandoraTV and l Antidiplomtico, actively distributing “counter-narratives” about the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal.

In the document called misinformation all materials, opinions of journalists and public figures who did not accept on faith the statements of the British authorities of involvement in the incident of Russia — articles by famous journalists Fulvio Scaglione and Marcello FOA, as well as publications in the Newspapers Il Giornale and Linkiesta.

The report also mentioned that many Italian politicians and so have a positive attitude to Moscow. To combat such sentiments, the cell Integrity Initative receives from the Atlantic Treaty Association funding, as evidenced by the documents published by Anonymous.

    One of the payment statements, which were posted on the Internet hackers, stated that more than €2 thousand was spent on the Grand opening of the Italian cluster Integrity Initiative, another €4 thousand was allocated for the preparation of the report about the “Russian interference” in the parliamentary elections in Italy.

    The Atlantic Treaty Association, an international public organization whose aim is “the creation of a common understanding of security among member countries and partners of NATO.”

    “Post-Soviet lawlessness in Europe”

    One of the most interesting documents published by the hackers, is article authored by head of the French cluster Initiative Integrity Francoise Tom.

    • Françoise Tom
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    In her material, historian and Professor of Sorbonne University, Cecily Vessey States that the main goal of Russian propaganda — spreading “post-Soviet lawlessness in Europe.” For this, according to the Professor, the Russian authorities use subculture “Gopnik”, as well as the image of the writer Eduard Limonov.

    “Common in Russia, a kind of gangster culture, which Cecile Vessey calls a “culture of Gopnik” tempting for Western and particularly the French public, who are tired of civilization and its constraints. A character like Edward Limonov, the writer and revolutionary, refined and romantic pornographer, a La [Gabriele] d’annunzio, who, following the fashion, leftist and at the same time flirts with fascism is a striking embodiment of such fantasies,” concludes the article Francoise, Tom.

    For their thoughts on the subject of imaginations of French pals and Eduard Limonov the leader of the French cell Integrity Initiative received from the head of the organization Chris Donnelly fees in the amount of GBP 800, as evidenced by the payroll released by hackers.

      Scarecrow for Europeans

      The goal of the Integrity Initiative and similar organizations, not curb Russian influence, and creating scarecrows for the Europeans who have lost faith in their own politicians and governments, says Vladimir Bruter.


      The Russian Embassy has asked London for explanations Integrity Initiative

      The Russian Embassy in London asked the British side to provide explanations concerning the authenticity of documents on the activities of the…

      “For example, “yellow jackets” now they say that the way in which they were French politicians, beginning with Sarkozy, brought the country to a dead end. This situation faced the whole European Union — from the side and moving out of Britain, and frondiruyuschie Italy, and France break apart,” — said the expert.

      The content of these documents demonstrates what a deep level of intelligence integrated into the power structure of the EU, said the Bruter. A goal of ubiquitous publications on Russia — to divert the attention of ordinary people from thinking about what the Western world has become not so reliable, how it wants to present to European governments.

      “Exposing Russia as the bogey, they are trying to confuse their own citizens. While they themselves do not share the views that broadcast through a similar structure. It is obvious that the population of most European countries, they did not believe” — said the expert.

      The reporting period

      These documents are the result of activities that are subject to reporting, as it spent on the budget funds, recalls the political scientist Alexander Asaph. And since there is nothing to report, justification for spending have to make up on the go, he said.

      “That’s why we see absurd statements about the Gopnik subculture in France, Limonov, and all they managed to get out of the Internet and social networks,” explained Asaph.

      “This information is irrelevant and unconvincing, and does not correspond to reality. However the tools need to work and provide reports. So now we see how the experts of the organization close of the reporting moments of utter nonsense”, — said the expert.

      It is obvious that people in Western countries perceive Russia at least neutrally, so the task of this organization is to create a negative to change the perception of our country inhabitants, explained of Asaph.

      “Their task is not to seek Russian influence, including to invent it, to create and to prepare the ground to fracture public opinion against Russia. Of course, given these documents and how is the information, for example, about the case Skrobala in the British media, their point of view they will not change — this organization performs political and ideological task,” — said Alexander Asaph.

      “While we only know of one such center, but surely there are dozens, and they all lead up ideological war against us. Publication of documents by hackers is unlikely to knock them out of the way, now they will simply be deeper to conspire and try to run thin,” concluded the expert.