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The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the leak of user data, and assured that new measures will be taken to protect personal information. He was commenting on his page in Facebook a data breach of 50 million users, to say nothing of Cambridge Analytica.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook will close the access to personal information to applications that do not open three months. All programs will have access only to basic information – name, photos, and e-mail, and other information will be available only at the conclusion of the contract.

In 2015 from the Guardian newspaper, it became known that Professor of Cambridge University Russian Alexander Kogan collected and transferred information about 50 million users Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg believes that then maybe Kogan and Cambridge Analytica have not deleted the data as they demanded from Facebook.

Zuckerberg said that it violated the trust not only between companies but also between Facebook and users who have entrusted their information.

“We are responsible for protecting your information and if we can’t do that, we don’t deserve to work for you. I’m working to understand what happened and how to ensure that this will not happen again,” wrote the founder of Facebook.

Zuckerberg has invited the European Parliament to give explanations to the deputies.

In 2015, professorscan transferred to third parties data from the application This is your digital life, which has received data via the Facebook API. The app was supposedly created for research purposes and the creation of psychological portraits of users. In sum, Cohen has received information from approximately 50 million profiles.

Kogan was collecting information legally, and according to the rules of Facebook. However, he later transferred the data to third party companies Eunoia Technologies and Cambridge Analytica.

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