Donald Trump

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Andrew Cuomo

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The US President Donald trump on Friday called on Democrat Andrew Cuomo – Governor of new York state – less complaining and more action, reports “Interfax”.

“Governor Cuomo should spend more time on “doing” and less to “complain,” wrote trump on Twitter.

According to trump, the US administration has provided the authorities of the state of thousands of beds, apparatus for artificial lung ventilation (ALV) and other equipment, as well as funding, but all who helped the state, have not heard of votes from Cuomo.

“Absurd Cuomo wanted to “40 thousand ICU”. We gave him a small amount, and they had had enough. The state had to have them in stock!” the President emphasized.

Trump also took the opportunity to mention the reaction of the administration of his predecessor, democratic President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the threat of swine influenza H1N1, with whom she has faced in 2009. So, the President said that because of the incompetence of the administration, died 17 thousand people, and because of the program Obamacare was a wasted $ 5 billion.

Cuomo announced that his state was most affected in the United States from the coronavirus COVID-19, the last day recorded 630 cases of death of patients with the coronavirus COVID-19.

As of Friday, in the state of new York 198 identified 226 cases of infection, infected 16 736 died.