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Donald Trump

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The US President Donald trump on Friday said he did not believe that China could intentionally start spreading coronavirus COVID-19, reports “Interfax”. “The virus escaped from China, probably because of the incompetence,” said the President in an interview with Fox News channel.

“I guess they don’t know how to say it. We wanted to work together and to help them, but they didn’t want, so we worked together,” said trump. Washington has repeatedly offered assistance to Beijing, however, these proposals were rejected, trump added.

He noted that he will soon make a statement on the world health organization (who), adding that the who is behaving like a “puppet” of Beijing. “Everything China does, good for them, although they receive only 38 million dollars,” continued trump.

Trump has repeatedly accused China of trying to hide the scale of the threat, after the country began the epidemic.

In April it became known that the US is waging a full-scale investigation of the origin of the coronavirus and why China has not managed to stop its spread. According to one version, appeared in the media, in Washington do not exclude that the virus comes from a scientific laboratory in Wuhan.

At the same time, the U.S. intelligence community believe that the virus “has an artificial origin and have not been genetically modified”.
The US President also claimed that he has information which leads to a high degree of confidence to talk about the artificial origin of the virus from the Chinese laboratory.

While trump has said that the version of the laboratory origin of the virus in Wuhan is not the only one. According to him, the worst decision of Chinese authorities was that “they were denied entry into China but not banned travel to the United States and around the world.”

Fox News, citing multiple sources, reported in mid-April that the first infected with a coronavirus infection of SARS-CoV-2 persons worked in one of the laboratories of the Chinese Wuhan. The virus emerged as a result of the efforts of China to surpass U.S. developments on the detection of viruses and combat them, according to the TV channel.

In China reject the assumption that the Virology Institute in Wuhan is the source of the pandemic COVID-19.