Trump after Putin promised the Americans to win, “coronavirus infection” in the near future

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The President of the United States Donald trump during an online conference with religious leaders on the eve of Easter and Passover has announced that the country will have “a tremendous year” and that the USA will win coronavirus infection “in the near future.” Note, on the eve of defeat “coronavirus infection” and promised Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, in his third appeal.

“We have a terrific year. We will defeat this infection. We will defeat this virus and defeat it in the near future, – said trump. – We will return to our country.” “We have a very powerful year because you know what awaits us, – the President continued. – We need to do it. Believers need to do it. We need to win. So I just want to thank each of you. I’m always here.”

In the conference call was also attended by Vice-President Mike Pence, who thanked the religious leaders for their efforts to promote social distancing, even if it means that members can gather in religious buildings, reports “Voice of America”.

“The President says that we will win the coronavirus and will be back as strong as ever. It was the faith of the American people laid the Foundation for this great return,” said Pence.

After short speeches, the trump and three Pence the religious leader spoke about how their organizations against the background of the pandemic. Trump praised one of them, Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, for the creation of a field hospital in Central Park in new York his organization “Samaritan’s Purse”. Earlier, Graham declared that the cause of the epidemic COVID-19 steel the sins that mankind has “turned from God”.

Now, according to Graham, he hopes to trump in overcoming the crisis. “Mr. President, we want to thank You and the Vice President for Your leadership, said Graham. – Our country would be in trouble if you hadn’t been President. I shudder at the thought of what situation we could be”.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama warned that, despite the first signs of the effectiveness of measures for social distancing, cancellations prior to the introduction of well-established testing and monitoring can drive progress. “Social distancing flattens the curve and reduces pressure on our heroic doctors, wrote Obama in his Twitter. But to depart from established policy will be possible only after the key point will be a powerful system of testing and monitoring, which we will implement across the country.”

Just last week, President trump didn’t say anything about “awesome time”, but rather claimed that Americans expect “hard times” and a large number of deaths of fellow citizens.

By April 9 the number of infected coronavirus infection in the United States amounted to 432.5 thousand occasions. She died from 14.8 thousand Americans, including 1922 – just in the last day, this is a record number since the beginning of the outbreak.