Triton Submarines – a big name in the industry of machines for deep underwater research. Recently, the company unveiled a futuristic submarine designed to explore underwater walks – DeepView 24. The vessel can accommodate 24 passengers and two pilots to descend to a depth of 100 meters. For interior comfort air conditioning. The enormous thickness (140 mm) acrylic Windows provide a panoramic view of the underwater world. Appearance the boat resembles a giant transparent tube, high enough so that inside it you can stand.

DeepView has 24 15,4 m in length and a weight of 55 000 kg. the Submarine is equipped with primary and secondary ballasts weighing nearly 4,000 kg and 1800 kg, respectively. Control of electric, thus there are two main motor power 20 kW (27 HP) and four engine Vertran power 12.6 kW (17 HP). The bathyscaphe is equipped with a large lead battery 240 kW/h So the battery can withstand 14-hour underwater tour with a maximum speed of 5.5 km/h. Ten LEDs 20,000 lumens well cover the space behind for the trip to depth.

The control apparatus is simplified, the pilots only use touch screens and controller-joystick. But when problems occur they are able to take control of internal systems of the boat in their hands. The whole mechanism is certified according to the International standard DNV-GL.

Triton Submarines has designed DeepView 24-order-Vinpearl – Vietnam’s network of luxury resorts, which plans to gather on Board the submarine, the first tourist group in December this year at the island hon Tre in Nha Chang.

Source — Triton Submarines