Ten years ago, producer Ridley Scott and Director Kevin MacDonald teamed up with YouTube to remove the film one day in the life of the Earth – July 24, 2010. And now they decided to make a sequel to this landmark film.

Scott and MacDonald in asking people all over the planet to remove one day of your normal life that will have on a specific date – July 25, 2020. A team of 30 viewers, three editors and personally Kevin MacDonald otsmotret all received materials and assemble from it a full movie “Life in a Day in 2020.” It will be shown at Sundance next year.

If you want to participate in this event, you must comply with several requirements. First, you must obtain permission from all who appear in your film. Second, you should make sure that the tape will not get any music. To increase the chance of inclusion of your video in the picture, the organizers suggest to shoot in horizontal mode, at high resolution and use an external microphone. To send the footage to 2 August.

Ten years ago, people from 189 countries have sent more than 80,000 clips with a total duration of about 4500 hours. MacDonald and his team managed to turn this incredible amount of videosspokane 95-minute documentary, which can be viewed directly on YouTube.

Source — Life in a Day