To extinguish a forest fire in the Odessa region attracted by aviation

KIEV. March 19. UNN. Today at 11:34 in Service of rescue the message came that in Chilia district 8 km of the highway Vylkove-Odessa lit reeds on the territory plavnicky part of Vilkovo forest. This was reported to UNN in the press service gschs.

As of 15 hours. 50 min. the fire area is 30 hectares of reeds and 20 hectares of herbal flooring in the woodland. Threats to human settlements there.

To extinguish the fire attracted 65 people and 16 units of equipment, including from gschs 58 personnel and 12 pieces of equipment.

To conduct fire fighting from the air attracted by aviation SSES.

As reported UNN, natural fires in the Chernihiv region broke out on 26 hectares .