One of the largest projects in the world of city greening, Green in Riyadh, involves planting of 7.5 million trees.
Illustration / REUTERS

The largest Park in the world with huge open green areas will be created in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) in the framework of the project for the prevention of climate change in the amount of 22.9 billion dollars.

Four projects – the Park of king Salman, Sports Boulevard, Green Riyadh, Riyadh and Art will be part of the program “Quality of life”, which should be implemented by 2030, says TSN, citing Arab News.

This program is also consistent with the sustainable development programme of the UN, the purpose of which is to prevent climate change.

In addition to creating 70 new jobs, the project will contribute to improving the health and well-being of the city should encourage people to healthy lifestyle, sport, culture and art.

The area of king Salman area of 13.4 square kilometers will become the world’s largest Park, with residential areas, hotels, complex of the Royal arts, theatres, museums, cinemas, sports halls, aquatic facilities and restaurants.

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One of the largest projects in the world of city greening, Green in Riyadh, involves planting of 7.5 million trees.

The presence of green spaces will increase to 28 square meters per capita from the current 1,7 sq. m. For comparison: the recommendations of the world health organization says about 9 sq. m. per capita.

Green Riyadh will help to reduce the average environmental temperature by 2 degrees, and the daily use of more than 1 million cubic meters of treated wastewater for irrigation.

Sports Boulevard health center in the heart of the city, will include a professional Cycling track with a length of 135 kilometers, which will cover the entire city and surrounding valley. In this Grand project will also be located in the sports hall, stables and racetrack.

Riyadh Art is the world’s largest state investment in the arts, involving the creation of a “gallery without walls”.

Will provide 1 thousand works of art that passed through 10 separate programs and annual arts festival that is expected to attract artists and creators from around the world.

Plan to begin construction in the second half of 2019.

Earlier UNIAN reported that the Australian government intends to plant a billion new trees as part of a major campaign aimed at achieving the climate goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement.