Ultimate fighting championship (UFC) officially announced card 251-th tournament which will be held July 11 at the fighting island in Abu Dhabi. Champion Welterweight Camara Ousmane fight with Gilbert burns, and the title holder in the Featherweight Alexander Volkanovski will fight in a rematch against max Holloway. For Russian MMA fans the main event will be fight for the championship belt in the Bantamweight category between Peter Ian and Jose Aldo. About why the upcoming tournament promises to be the brightest event of the year 2020 in mixed martial arts, at RT.

  • Russian UFC fighter Peter Yang
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The ultimate fighting championship once again did not disappoint their fans, presenting the program of the first show fight on the island. At the moment, officially announced only the main card, but played three matches have the status of title. However, one of them will be the Peter Yang. The fighter of the easiest weight I will try to take over the legendary Brazilian Jose Aldo and become the second undisputed champion of the largest MMA-promotion of the world from Russia.

Now the UFC 251 can be called the largest MMA tournament in 2020, at least for the reason that Dana white and company rare delight viewers of all three of the battles for the title in one evening. In the history of the promotion this has happened three times, and no wonder they never passed within one calendar year.

For the first time this happened in November of 2016 during opening night of the UFC in the arena “Madison square garden”. After a year in new York once again hosted an event of this scale, and the last time such an event was organized in December 2019. It is noteworthy that the UFC 245 also performed Jan. However, then they, along with Uria the Faber opened the main card.


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Rumors about the fight between Ian and Aldo appeared a few weeks ago. After the current holder of the belt in this category, Henry Cejudo has announced his retirement, UFC President Dana white immediately called the Russians a major contender for the trophy. The question was only about the date and the opponent. In addition to Jose, the number of applicants included Marlon Moraes, who was originally supposed to be the next opponent of Peter. The matchmaker promotion could take the easy way out and assign this battle the status of the title.

But the choice fell on the more stellar Aldo, whose status in many respects and helped him get the right to fight. This is evidenced by the fact that at the moment in the passive Brazilian includes two defeats. However, from a commercial point of view, the encounter of Peter with Jose is more favorable to the UFC than the battle with Marlon. Despite not the best performances in recent years, experienced Brazilian is still considered one of the most successful representatives of light categories in history, and the victory over it will be a great help in the establishment of the new Russian stars.

However not necessary to give the belt to Jan — at least for the reason that Aldo always feel confident in confrontations with smaller athletes. At Featherweight he dealt with the great Frankie Edgar, to cope with skilled fighters from Team Alpha Male, Chad Mendes and the same Faber. Peter, if only a little inferior to Jose in height (169 cm vs 170), and coverage of hands (170 cm vs 178), which may affect the course of battle.

It is worth noting that Yang was not the only participant in the UFC 245, which won the right to play in the tournament at number 251. Thus, on 11 July there will be a rematch for the belt at Featherweight, where Alexander Volkanovski will fight with max Holloway. In December, the Aussie has won more than a landslide victory and shocked many MMA fans. On the eve of the fight, the Hawaiian was considered the clear favorite and, if successful, could extend their unbeaten streak in this weight category up to 15 fights.

Given the success of Holloway in the division of up to 65 kg, the management of the UFC has rightly given him the chance to regain the title. It did not oppose and Volkanovski, with the move agreed to a second series of the confrontation. However, about the imminent return to the cage out of the question, because the Aussie had to have surgery on his hand. Initially, the matchmaker considered the idea to host a battle in June, but because of the pandemic coronavirus infection it was decided to postpone it to a later date.

It is noteworthy that the injury did not even affect the status Volkanovski before the rematch. On the first day after the announcement of the match, the bookmakers have elevated him to the rank of favourites, which can be considered a unique event. The last time Holloway was considered the underdog before the first meeting with Jose Aldo, held in June 2017.

Decorate the UFC program 251 and the other member of the December tournament. In the main battle of the evening the reigning champion at Welterweight Camara Usman will compete with Gilbert burns. Six months ago the battle with the Nigerian Nightmare was also the crowning event. Then he’s in fifth round knockout Colby Covington and for the first time defended the title.

It is worth noting that a few weeks ago, burns never seriously considered as a contender for the belt. The press with might and main discussed the prospect of confrontation with Usman Jorge Masvidal promising to become loud and uncompromising. However, difficulties in negotiations struck the winner in the toughest motherfucker (BMF) out of the title race. As he said athlete, not satisfied with the terms of the agreement under which he received less than half for the fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 244. According to the Sports Daily, he earned $500 thousand.

For a long time there were rumors that a replacement for Masvidal can go out Conor McGregor, but the Irishman for the third time announced his retirement. Thus, in the title race involved burns. In late may, he left no chance to Tyron Woodley and climbed to first place in the General classification.

In recent years, master Brazilian JIU-jitsu has made impressive progress has become much sharper in the rack and can be considered a dangerous opponent for Usman. However, there is at least one reason why his chances in the upcoming duel is difficult to assess as high. Thing on a tight schedule, under which burns will have to spend two fights in less than a month and a half. Let Gilbert and rather easily dealt with Tyrone, but spent in the octagon all the planned 25 minutes and spent a lot of effort. In such circumstances it will be very difficult not only to prepare for an incredibly powerful Camara, but at least to restore conditions.


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Besides the three titular duel, the main card of UFC 251 will include two women’s bout, each of which is interesting in its own way. Of course, stands out a return battle of two former Champions in the minimum weight — Jessica Andrade and rose Namajunas. In may 2019, the Brazilian knocked out the American with a spectacular throw and stole her belt, but already in August was a bit valley Zhang. Despite the failures and lengthy downtime, both girls still occupy the top positions in the ranking, and the winner may get a chance for the second time in his career to fight for the trophy.

Also, another match will take one of the most popular female fighters in the world. It is not excluded that it will be for Paige Vanzant is the latest under the auspices of the UFC. At the end of her contract will expire with the League, and while there is no certainty that it will be extended. Previously, the athlete has stated that she was not satisfied with the level of pay in the promotion. But decide whether the bosses of the company to pay her more, the big question.

Perhaps the answer will give battle with Amanda Ribas. The Brazilian already is in the top 15 of the division and has been held a series of four consecutive victories, two of which were produced ahead of schedule. Another defeat Vanzant could adversely affect its prospects in the organization. And that’s not counting the fact that in 2016 Paige is very infrequently performed in the cell. In four battles she lost twice, and most of the time to heal numerous injuries and participated in third-party projects.