A new “mysterious” model of the flagship smartphone from Apple will probably be the most expensive in the entire range. And if to fork out, why skimp on protection for your beloved gadget?

Design company Gray from 2015 on, trying to “warm imagination” and “walk beyond” in creating accessories for the flagship smartphones from various brands. Their new brainchild is called “Advent Aurora” and is designed for iPhone X. the Smartphone costs $999, and the case for it – $1295.

Budget model Aurora Advent of titanium will cost you only $645

There is, of course, there is a version easier, for $645, just polished titanium straight from the aerospace industry and nothing more. Whether it is the option of 24-carat gold, hand burnishing, laser etched texture and individual serial number, so no one questioned the exclusivity of the product!

Regarding the performance properties, it’s simple: the Titan you won’t wrinkle and never eats, and gold would not dare. And X iPhone will be protected from everything except the cunning of thieves. However, there is a loophole – the smartphone, you can remotely lock and then return, the villain himself would prefer to get rid of it, leaving himself only a luxurious case.

Source — Gray