The company HiMo Electric Technology, specializing in designing and manufacturing two-wheeled electric scooter introduced its latest development – a compact folding electric bike HiMo. This durable, compact, but powerful e-bikes capable of speeds up to 18 km/h.

HiMo is equipped with a DC motor with a power of 180 W, the rear wheel drive and stable power supply system. When riding at full speed battery HiMo 7500 mAh is enough for 30 km. And since the battery weighs only 1.8 kg, it’s easy to maintain and charge, it is convenient to remove and to put in place. 7 inch shock-proof tire provides a smooth ride. Adjustment of power, speed and configuration of the headlights is possible with a single push of a button, and all data is displayed on the led display.

In 2019, the project won the prestigious award in the field of industrial design Reddot, and this month the bike is HiMo was successfully funded on IndieGoGo. Over 2 years of development each of the more than 200 items, 40 molds and settings HiMo was carefully thought out and worked out.

Pre-order on HiMo right now for $469. It is expected that in may 2020, will start shipping elektronikov around the world.

Source — Indiegogo