Cinema tends to be continually updated and is a regular venue for creative experimentation. Recent examples include the film “Hardcore”, shot entirely in the first person. Or a more recent movie “1917”, which looks like several very long continuous scenes. And here come the next innovation – a feature film in vertical format.

The vertical format is well known to all who ever watched Amateur videos in social networks – that’s how it records video with most smartphones, if not specifically to turn 90 degrees. We will not go into the arguments, good or bad, but as soon as the phenomenon takes place to be the famous Director and producer Timur Bekmambetov decided to shoot a feature film in this format. Shooting begins next week.

Is known about the film name is “V2. Escape from hell”, and the plot – Soviet military pilot, makes a daring escape from Nazi concentration camp in the midst of the Second World war. As he says Bekmambetov, it will be a story about a man who gets up and straightens his shoulders, to against all odds in saving the plane soar into the sky. And so will the viewer to experience the drama of history through a vertical flow of images, time will tell.

It should be noted that Bekmambetov is already the experience of filming a mini-series for Snapchat in a vertical format.

Source — Deadline