On the evening of 21 February the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has published on his page in Facebook video message to the people. The topic was the attack in New Sanzhary on buses carrying evacuees from Wuhan citizens.

Began his address, the President put questions to the Ukrainians: “We have or have not? We are a close-knit crowd or people? We the herd or are we a nation? We are residents or citizens”? A large part of the speech he devoted to those who staged riots. Zelensky gave to understand that it did his political opponents.

“Some deliberately and specifically sown among the people panic. And then urged on to this savagery,” said the Ukrainian leader. He twice stated that “Directors and Directors of this Pogorely theater” will suffer for their actions deserved punishment. Some political, some criminal.

Confirmed Zelensky and the fact that the riots were organized with the help of “aunts” that are “on tour” at various protests and arrange a provocation there for the money.

“Photo – and television cameras recorded the faces of many people who organized the riots. It is known to the world “virologists” in tracksuits. Previously, they were seen as the “dear farmers” who are against the land market”, – said the President.

He has threatened the organizers of the riots: “the Times when you can score political points price public order and national security has ended. Yesterday, your orders not only threw stones at the buses, it was the stones in the remains of your dignity, decency and honor.”

In addition, Zelensky mentioned the doctors who flatly refused to accept evacuated from Wuhan citizens. He reminded them of the oath of Hippocrates.

“The most terrible virus – the virus of hatred,” he said.

Zelensky also noted that one of his main goals as President is to change the attitude of the state towards every citizen.

“Every Ukrainian must understand – my country will not leave me,” he said.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the world was shocked by the story of the attack on the evacuees in the region. News tops the global media.

As it turned out, the riots were preceded by an information attack. Via the Internet of the villagers were threatened that they carry people infected with the deadly coronavirus in Chinese.

We also wrote, “provocateur” of the riots in New Sanzhary Cherednichenko is associated with the MP Ilya Kiva.

In addition, Tsaplienko showed who staged a protest in New Sanzhary.