In the Internet appeared the provocative picture, which is strictly not necessary to set as Wallpaper on your desktop, smartphone, because it leads to system crash. Initially at risk recorded all devices from Samsung, then the list expanded to the entire eco-system Android. After a day of studying the problem, the experts came to the conclusion that the threat is relevant only for owners of gadgets with the old version Android 10 on Board.

The picture, which depicts a beautiful cloud mountains in the background, poses no threat, the problem in image format. Instead of the usual Android standard sRGB color someone wrote it down in the RGB. In the 11th version of the OS all invalid images are automatically converted safely, but 10-Android version there is no such function. And a system that cannot display the wrong background, gets into a loop turning on and off the lock screen.

It was established experimentally that the model of smartphone risks are not independent. Those who find themselves in trouble, it is recommended to boot in safe mode and just delete the ill-fated picture file. If it’s really bad, you can reset everything to factory settings. And best of all do not go any links, do not download and do not install any images for the sake of interest. Instead, wait for a patch from Samsung, which addressed the problem in mid-may and are already almost done with “medicine”.

Source — Android Authority