Military and blogger Alexey arestovich commented on the rally, which was organized on June 17 under OP supporters of Pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Sharia.

A statement about the sensational stories arestovich made on his page in Facebook.

The Ukrainian media widely covered the rally of supporters of Sharia, which was accompanied by clashes with the Patriotic organizations. It is this and achieved Shary, I’m sure arestovich. In fact, in his words, the protest was funded and very modest.

“According to estimates of our correspondents on the ground, not less than thirty ideological balls uh…ate say, and powerful ticuani from the guard, flashing the bravura pictures, as “the new street power”, familiar to the people of Kiev for work on the VA meetings*on-unit.These extreme, stood off behind a police cordon (grabbed people’s love just a couple of them)” – written by the military.

He assured that the creation of a “new street power” in the form of supporters of the Pro-Russian blogger, however. History, according to him, deliberately exaggerated the Pro-Russian media resources.

Party Sharia military called “project of Yanukovych and the Kremlin.” He believes that a blogger is preparing for parliamentary and presidential elections in Ukraine.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the promotion of Sharia in Kiev was a resounding failure: the Pro-Russian forces could gather for a rally total of 400 people.

We also wrote that the channel ZIK accused the Sharia that his rally in Kiev was for the money: the wife of the blogger is outraged by the leak of information.

Tatiana Shevchenko