The court issued a transcript from the video recorder one of the police officers who participated in the arrest of Floyd

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African American George Floyd, who died after arrest in Minneapolis for a few minutes before his death told police that he “can’t breathe” more than 20 times, according to the New York Times, citing a transcript of the footage of the incident.

The court issued a transcript from the video recorder one of the police officers who participated in the arrest of Floyd. As the record shows, African American spoke of his physical ailments before he was knocked to the ground. When he tried to put into the patrol car, he said he’s claustrophobic and can’t breathe. In response, the police advised him to relax and breathe deeper, saying that everything is in order.

It also became known that Floyd said, “Mom, I love you. Tell my children that I love them. I died” and the last words before Floyd lost consciousness, was: “They’ll kill me. They’ll kill me.” In response to his complaint, the policeman advised him to stop talking and scream, because “talking takes an enormous amount of oxygen”. Informed about the last moments of the life of Floyd was only known from eyewitness videos and photos from surveillance cameras.

Also in the case file contains a 60-page transcript of the interrogation of one of the participants of arrest, ex-COP Thomas lane. On the question of whether he felt that Floyd is a medical emergency, lane answered in the affirmative, but refused to answer the question, whether he considers himself or his colleague Derek Chauvin, who was promoting the death of Floyd.

His lawyer said that the lane is not responsible for the death of Floyd, because she has learnt from Chauvin, who was a freshman on the service, and had to obey his instructions. Besides, according to him, Floyd was under the influence of drugs, and the police feared a possible aggression by the detainee, if he regains consciousness.

According to the transcripts, lane called the ambulance after Floyd began bleeding from the mouth. Lane said that Floyd could hit his face on the glass inside the machine. After Floyd said that he could not breathe, police discussed the possibility of drug intoxication, and lane said the ambulance about the increasing seriousness of the situation. However called the ambulance first arrived to the wrong address.

During the arrest, Floyd was holding on the ground: he was lying on his stomach, while Derek suture pressed a knee on his neck. In response to the question of lane, whether turning Floyd on the side, suture replied that it should be left as is. After lane expressed concern about the status of Floyd, suture, said that soon will come the ambulance. Lane said that Floyd loses consciousness, and at the same time one of the witnesses said that he “don’t even breathe”. Other witnesses of the detention several times demanded to check the pulse of Floyd, and after Floyd stopped breathing, the police were unable to find his pulse. Despite this, suture used the choke for a few minutes.

Ex-officer Derek Sovena, earlier ex-the only defendant charged with manslaughter in the second degree and murder in the third degree. The consequence considers that he is guilty of more than manslaughter in the second degree, but in the Commission of assault third degree. The family of the deceased insists on charges of felony murder (first degree murder). Three other members of the arrest of Floyd – Thomas Lane, John. Alexander Quango and the Tao was charged with aiding and abetting murder.

The definition of assault may differ in different States, but in Minnesota it is, in particular, implies that the substantial harm to health can be punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years. Manslaughter in the second degree qualifies when the death occurred, for example, during the pursuit and shooting, or as a result of the actions of the person who did not intend to kill the other, however, used violence against him.

CNN indicates that only the second-degree murder Sowena could be sentenced to 40 years in prison. The same term is provided for aiding in this crime and incitement. Manslaughter, and aiding and abetting and incitement are punishable by ten years of imprisonment.

After the death of Floyd, which became the occasion for mass protests under the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (black Lives mattered), the US President, Donald trump has signed a decree aimed at reforming the police and reducing the risk of unlawful actions of its employees during operations. The document envisages the creation of databases to track misconduct by the police, and the use of Federal grants to encourage police departments for their compliance with standards related to the use of force during the arrest.

In addition, the order aims to promote the work together with the police to the social workers and psychologists in the case of challenges when it comes to the homeless, people with mental disorders, drug or alcohol addiction.