After performing in the short program at the Grand Prix in France Evgenia Medvedeva said that in recent weeks managed to achieve serious progress. Her compatriot Maria Sotskova said that happy with your rental, but not to the jury, and Alexander Samarin believes that could play at a higher level.

  • Russian figure skaters Alexander Boikova and Dmitry Kozlovsky
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After not very successful performances at Skate Canada, Evgenia Medvedeva to get to the final you need to take at least second place, but to gain the maximum number of points. However, after the short program she had only stopped on the third line behind two Japanese women — Mai Mihara Rick Cyhire.


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After the speech, Medvedev admitted that they are unhappy with themselves.

“At the same time I understand what work we have done. These four weeks (after the canadian Grand Prix. — RT), we worked two times more and two times more focused. But not one, not two, not three people told me that success does not come quickly”, — quoted Medvedev RIA Novosti.

She said that the path to this goal will be long, but it’s ready to go.

“But still I am a person who wants everything at once,” admitted the skater.

Eugenia also said that any program is going to provide the public with new technical elements — a cascade of double Axel and triple rittberger.

“The idea (of the new cascade. — RT) was common. Not to say that a long time ago, but I jump it for about a month. So I hope to execute it tomorrow,” — said Medvedev.

At the end of the previous season, the Medvedev stopped working with his long-term mentor Eteri Tutberidze and went to Canada to work with Brian Orser. According to her, she changed almost everything in my life.

“I speak Russian only with my mom, grandma and two of my friends. With one of these buddies, we communicate half in Russian, half in English. Maybe I’m used to it, but not fully,” — said Medvedev.

In addition, the athlete said that in recent times has paid much attention to nutrition, and even began to use the services of a specialist.

“I eat because I have such a strong stomach. But I started working with a nutritionist. We try to find the optimal diet for me and move towards it step by step,” added the Russian skater.

Her compatriot Maria Sotskova also can add to the asset to the hire in the short program. After the fiasco at the tournament in Finland, where it ranked only ninth place, the Russian woman seriously competing for a spot in the top 5.

“Hire me, and the coach is very happy, I’ve done my best. Of course, the elements could be further refined, because there is no limit to perfection. But according to the program, the choreography, the flow I’m satisfied. Estimates — of course not,” said Sotskova.

She noted that the season started later than usual for her, and it affected the results.

“I came later than time allowed, and is not in optimal condition. But I feel much better than at the previous stage. We did a great job, though, and time was short. I feel the progress. For me, this stage as mobilization after an unsuccessful rentals in Japan, I need to gradually get in shape, to the championship of Russia to come to its best,” added Sotskova.

But Stanislav Konstantinov hardly pleased with his hire in Grenoble. During the program she has made some serious mistakes and in the end was only in the tenth place.

“Speech rate bad. Unfortunately, starting over is impossible. I would love laminated again, but I probably lost all chances to qualify for the finals. Tomorrow I’m going to fight till the end and will do all I can,” said the skater.

A pleasant surprise was the performance of the Russian Duo of Alexander Boikova — Dmitry Kozlovsky. A young couple almost flawlessly skated the short program with a personal record and took first place.

“In fact, emotions are amazing, because today we beat a couple that is part of the elite of figure skating. This athletes with enormous levels. They made mistakes and gave us the opportunity to overtake them, and get on the first place. But tomorrow the day is much harder, the stress will be enormous,” — said Kozlovsky.

Boikova and all struggled to find words to describe their impressions of the performances in the short program.

“The feelings are mixed, put in the rental very much. I don’t know how was it. I need to prepare for tomorrow, forget today and everything that happened today”, — concluded the athlete.

Surprised and Alexander Samarin. After fourth place on stage in Canada the Russians really started the show in France. After the short program he is in second place, inferior only to the American James brown.

“Emotions, honestly, not very much, because I’ve done a decent amount of errors. Last training rentals were much cleaner and better. The excitement and impact out of small, annoying and pesky bugs. You can find fault for a lot,” — said the skater.

The athlete admitted that he was going to execute the cascade of a quadruple Lutz — triple toe loop, but because of an error exit the second jump was only a double.

“In General, I am calm. Tomorrow the free program and the extra emotions we don’t need. I don’t put this season no problem. Just want to go out and delight the audience. About the final I don’t even think I do not need such thoughts to throw”, — said the athlete.


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Unlike his compatriot, Mr Aliyev could not yet boast of a good performance in Grenoble. The Russians made a gross error in the cascade and was able to count only on ninth place.

“Feel well enough physically. Don’t know why are software errors. Everything had been worked out, but apparently still need to learn and learn more to speak to show character. While to some extent I don’t feel competitive moment to chew all the teeth,” — said Aliyev.

Russian athletes still have a shot at medals in the competitions dancing couples. So, after the rhythm of the dance Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov occupy second place and are second only to the silver medalists of Olympics in Pyeongchang — the French Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron.

“We were really focused today mostly on the technique, at levels. It is seen that improved, and much in comparison with the previous stage. Perhaps in the end we pursed his because my head was full. That still need to learn to ride a bike,” said Katsalapov.

However, he noted that they are pleased with the start of the Grand Prix, and thanked the fans for their support.