A young arsonist has been detained by the police, he was charged with hooliganism and quite possibly forced to pay compensation to the “injured party”.

19-the summer inhabitant of Odessa region set the fire winery in the village of velykodolyns’ke. Thus he, being an employee of the company, protested against delays of salaries, transfers “Duma”.

According to the newspaper, the attacker was working at the plant loader and due to delays with the salary have come into conflict with management. According to the press service of the National police, he poured gasoline construction the glove, burned it and threw it under the door of one of offices of the authorities. He was detained almost immediately.

Also the police reported that on the given fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 4 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall that in one of the courts of Odessa began a massive fight, which detained almost 50 people. The police found that most of the brawlers came to the city from other regions of Ukraine.

Previously reported: two people were killed in an accident on the territory of Izmail district, two passengers were in intensive care. The only surviving person involved in the incident fled from the scene and fainted.