Video (18+) has a video of the tragic accident in Kharkov

The cause of a deadly crash 8 times detained for traffic violations


MP on the social network Facebook posted a video of the deadly crash in Odessa.

The video shows the moment a car crashes into people standing on the sidewalk opposite the pedestrian crossing.

“This is a terrible video of the Kharkov tragedy, should be a silent reproach to all those who are speeding and want to save a few seconds, driving through a flashing yellow traffic signal,” wrote Gerashchenko.

The video shows how the people gather on the sidewalk in front of “Zebra” and wait for the green light that allows crossing the street.

20 seconds of video to pedestrian enters the vehicle and scattered people, continues to move on the sidewalk and tipped onto its side.

Gerashchenko said that in the last two years, the driver of “Lexus” 8 times he was detained by the patrol police of Kharkiv for a traffic violation, from running a red light, speeding, and ending with the violation of Parking rules.

“Every time she was discharged fines 255-510 hryvnia. However, it had no educational effect”, – said the Deputy.

Video is not recommended for viewing by children, pregnant women and people with weak mentality