The court arrested the culprit of the fatal accident in Kharkov.

The Minister demands to toughen penalties for traffic violations


The court arrested the daughter of the Kharkov businessman Elena Zaitsev, who committed a deadly accident in Odessa. This was announced by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in Facebook.

“The culprit is detained by the police and arrested by the court. Police are investigating, exploring, in particular, the role of the driver of the second car involved in the accident, – the results of which I hope the court will make an adequate the severity of the offense each of them solution,” he wrote.

The Minister noted that as a result of the accident killed 6 people, although previously his Advisor Zoryan Shkiryak said on 5 dead.

According to the Minister, this year in the “war” on the roads were killed were killed and 25 injured 2317 082.

“Why he used the term “WAR”?.. Judge for yourself… in 2016 in road accidents in Ukraine have killed 3187 people, injured 32 079 man!!! And for the 9 months 2017го died on the roads 2317 and injured 25 082 of our citizens!!!(((“, – said Avakov.

To improve the situation on the roads, the Minister asked the Parliament to amend and clarify the existing legislation. In particular, Avakov demands to enter widespread use of procedures for automatic video fixation of violations, to increase penalties for traffic violations and to “radically toughen up” sentences for driving drunk.