There are hotels and planes fly: what is the reaction in the occupied Crimea to the pandemic COVID-19

KIEV. May 21. UNN. The Crimean human rights group published the results of the monitoring-response COVID-19 in the Crimea. According to the results, on the Peninsula resumed work a significant number of enterprises and institutions, but not everyone is able to fulfil the necessary standards, and some even don’t have to work at all, reports UNN.

“According to the de facto authorities, as of may 5, 20593, organizations and enterprises of the Crimea resumed its work after the lifting of restrictions on economic activity by the order of 29 April. Namely, continued the work of hairdressers, beauty salons, repair of household appliances, footwear and sewing workshops, salons of mobile communication, shops of building materials and auto parts. However, not all companies observe the rules of disinfection and use of protective measures”, – stated in the message.

In particular, it is reported that the company is in the Krasnogvardeisky district was terminated by the court for a period of 30 days for violation of sanitary norms. In addition, local authorities confirmed that in the Crimean trade centers, not enough equipment for disinfection.

It is noted that activities in the sphere of tourist business is forbidden, however some hotels and resorts continue to provide services populating the tourists.

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Employees of management of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation “found in the Crimea 500 tourist accommodation facilities that continue to operate despite the ban on this activity. Some owners of Inns and boarding houses reported to KPD, they are forced to resort to such measures, as they have other sources of income to support the family”, – is informed in the monitoring results.

Also in Sevastopol was allowed fishing in small boats, but an individual fishing from the shore remained under the ban.

May 12, the use of masks in public places and stores required. However, the monitoring of stores of food and nonfood products in 5 cities of Crimea showed that the masks typically used by store employees, and buyers often ignore this requirement.

The results of the monitoring it became known that in spite of transport limitations inside the Crimea, flights from the Russian regions, where there is a high incidence of COVID-2019 is suspended.

“From the beginning of may in Simferopol carried out from 5 to 10 flights a day, most of them from Moscow. In particular, on may 4, in the Crimea arrived 6 aircraft, 5 of them – from Moscow. May 10, in Simferopol arrived 10 flights, 5 of them – from Moscow. May 11 – 7 flights, 5 of them – from Moscow,” – noted in the results.

Recall that in 2014, more than 48 thousand people were forced to leave the occupied Crimea and move to Ukraine-controlled territory.